Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dang it, I overslept. I usually poke in a blank DVD-R (extracting one with SNL) before 8am to record Sunday Morning. It always has good stuff, but the commercials are a bit ubiquitous.
I had some eight 100-disc spindles when I thought I was going to transfer all my VHS tapes to DVD, so now I just record Charlie Rose/Letterman music segment/Craig Ferguson week nights and SNL and Sunday Morning weekly. I end up not even watching 90%, but those discs, with coupon at Costco, only cost 20¢ each and I want to use them up somehow.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

underground even if on a major label

I haven't spent much time trying to think up things I would have had on the SPIN Top Alternative Albums of the 60s, but here are a couple from my own record collection I might consider. Going through the list though, and being persuaded to buy more than a couple and stream many more, I think "underground" is how it would have been described at the time. But I guess the thinking here is to show that when the term "alternative" became voguish it was by no means a new phenomenon. Whatever the intention or how closely it was adhered to, it is an excellent list with some good write-ups.

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