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siren sounded last night

It used to be tornadoes always seemed to target mobile homes. Nowadays it's new construction. When they show the obliterated neighborhoods, the debris looks mighty flimsy. Mobile homes, which these have probably replaced, haven't been the inevitable target lately. Now probably no structure can stand up to a massive tornado, but I still like my chances in our 120 year old house—knock on (rough-hewn-beam) wood. Still—it's not much fun being in the path.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

spectacular oracular

I was curious about Xgau's use of the word 'spectacular' and it turns out he uses it often enough, often in the negative (not spectacular); more often to describe stage/visual acts than albums.
A few:
"I mean, the man has genuine flair, and his show should be spectacular." (Bowie)
"No more than five-six and slender, he dances with a rolling gait that's spry rather than spectacular." (Lee Dorsey)
"...spectacular guitaristics of "Honey Power," a pomo "Telstar"..." (MBV's Loveless)
"...spectacular dancer and savvy singer knows how to find music that does her songs proud." (Tshuala Muana)
"...there are notable themes and spectacular sounds throughout." (Ebenezer Obey)
"The tour has been predictably spectacular, but its sole display of arrogance came Tuesday night..." (Stones)
"This is "great," all right, but without Wilson's spectacular visuals it's also, to these pop-happy ears, tedious and sometimes even pompous." (Philip Glass/Robert Wilson)
"...this r&b spectacular moves smoothly for four sides." (The Johnny Otis Show)
"Digitally spectacular and harmonically futuristic, solo Tatum is also florid and self-involved." (Art Tatum)
"we expected an edifying evening--lively, gorgeously costumed, technically spectacular, but also a bit stilted and grand" (Guinea's Ballets Africains)
"spectacular chops" (Jackie Wilson)
"rock and roll so spectacular you'd never think to turn the damn thing over." (if Gap Band Gold had been programmed fast side/slow side)
"...spectacular assurance with which the singer skips from mood to mood and register to register." (Prince)
"...the most spectacular rock record and concert draw of 1968." (Cream)
"The most spectacular of the Sugarhill crews on stage is also the hookiest on record..." (Grandmaster Flash)
"The Stewart success has been a little more spectacular." (Rod)
"And though these aren't as spectacular as on Stern's Dakar-based Music in My Head, they're often as surprising." (Authenticit√©: The Syliphone Years)
"Any more spectacular numbers are inference, speculation, hearsay, or bullshit." (Dwight Gooden)
"Sometimes-spectacular English folk-rocker isn't quite as ageless as he thinks--and neither are his songs" (Richard Thompson)
"Nothing spectacular, that would violate his sense of propriety--just rocking with a steady roll, perfect for admirers of Robert E. Lee if a mite laid-back for Broadway ..." (Elvin Bishop)

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