Friday, August 09, 2013

mykel's cassettes

I think I might pick up this: Or maybe I'll try out the deck I already have first. I've barely ever used it. I can listen to cassettes on my "home theater" system attached to the TV. Also in the car I inherited from my mother-in-law after they took away here license. I have quite a few old cassettes too, the vast majority not worth digitizing, but it might be fun to mosey around with them. My digital turntable is an Ion too, and I like it fine (probably fooling myself), even with the software it came with.
This particular batch of cassettes, I haven't figured out what all it is, but only the Warren G and Joy Division strike me as things I have other choices for listening. But the tapes themselves look to be in decent shape, even if the packaging has aged.

Here's what I've tracked down:
First one I took down to try out in my tape deck turned out to be this:
Aging To Saging
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Salomi has been at the forefront of a pioneering renewal of Jewish spirituality in the contemporary world. A modern master of the methods of transformational psychology, he uses prayer and meditation, movement and song, storytelling and philosophical discourse, to present the central teachings of Hasidism and Kabbalah along with the other universal spiritual truths gleaned from Sufi, Buddhist, Shamanic, Native American and traditional religious sources. Reb Zalman currently works with students through his "Wisdom School," a dynamic example of the path of the heart. 
1 Audio Cassette.   #A615-90.   $9.00   

[] So it's actually still available, and there's a video version too. The bit I listened to the audio quality was great, and I'm interested in the hearing the whole thing.

Swans: White Light from the Mouth of Infinity. Can stream:

more info: This looks like it's only been on vinyl, and it the Kill You Pet Puppy site recommends it.

union carbide: in the air tonight [can stream:]; there's more than just this on the tape, though. It looks like only the first side was recorded over. Second side of the tape is this:

sic: final show can be watched!

I'll keep updating this post as I track down more of these, meanwhile pics of individual cassettes can be seen here:


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